Dave Ball

President, Brand Centers Americas

Dave serves as President Global Client Services - MBS Americas and IDL Worldwide out of the Pittsburgh headquarters location. He has built the merchandising and packaging services offering from a local leader to a global powerhouse that calls on some of the biggest brands in the world.

Bryan Boul

Creative Director

Bryan is thoughtful to his craft, digging deep into ideas and quickly coming to viable solutions for creative challenges. Having been part of the IDL team for over 15 years, and currently serving as a Creative Director for Matthews Brand Solutions as well, Bryan’s experience and enthusiasm provide him with the foundation to work tirelessly to present solutions that are consistently innovative, fresh, and relevant to the client’s needs.

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Peter Beck

EVP | Client Services

Peter brings 15 years of comprehensive brand strategy and retail activation in driving significant initiatives with Starbucks, Nike, Microsoft, T-Mobile, Victoria’s Secret, Disney and many other global brands. Peter works closely with our key clients to help organize an optimized team to ensure an exceptional client experience from development through execution. Peter is a passionate student of brand and retail who truly appreciates opportunities to connect and share insights with customers across a variety of different industries.

John Schreiber

VP | Global Creative Director

John has 20+ years of retail experience as both an accomplished visual thinker and brand storyteller. He leads consumer experience and insight as the VP of Creative Services. He’s also the director/curator of Gallery 135 in Portland. He has provided strategy and design for clients including Nike, Microsoft, Coca-Cola, BP, Sunoco, T-Mobile, Adidas, Sprint, Nixon, American Eagle Kids, BestBuy, Nintendo, Under Armour, Gap, Bare Escentuals, and Starbucks.

Curtis Leach

Director Client Services

Curtis has 15 years experience working as a project manager. After working at Click Document Management and PNC Bank, Curtis joined Matthews Brand Solutions. He began in 2005 as a Nike account project coordinator but quickly became a dedicated project manager to the Nike account. In 2009, Curtis made the jump to Director of Client Services where he sits presently and oversees all west coast merchandising accounts in terms of project management and service support.

Chris Baldwin

Global Account Director

With a rich background in visual communication, retail strategy, and interactive displays, Chris joined Matthews Brand Solutions in 2009 after a seven-year stint a retail-technology merchandising group. He is passionate about design & enjoys working with Global 1000 brands to bring their programs to life in retail.

Jeff Brummer

Creative Director

Jeff brings over 18 years of retail experience to the mix with a blend of creative direction; construction and assembly analytics and user experience integration to New Business Development accounts. He’s been able to manage a team of specialists in graphics and industrial design as well as build & expand our 3d talent to execute at the highest visualization level. He’s been the driving force behind such programs as Jordan Gen 5 fixturing; Ooma Electronics; Sears/Kmart prepaid and the upcoming Nintendo Wii-U launch to mention a few.

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Brian Sinta

VP Sales and Account Management

Brian has been working for over 20 years in the packaging industry. Throughout his career, he has capitalized on creating positive client relationships with CPCs and bringing to market strategic brand–focused solutions for major consumer product companies around the globe. His consultative solutions have focused on increasing lift in sales through improvements to workflow and preservation of brand equity, while reducing costs and cycle time to market.

Brian evangelizes brand stewardship, and creates highly effective sales teams that lead their CPC customers, rather than waiting to be led. He has focused his career around increasing the efficiency and effectiveness of the sales force through deployment of sales process and performance management programs, optimization of coverage in key markets, and the pursuit and execution of strategy.

Peter Marshall

Studio Manager

Peter has been working in the packaging prepress industry for 12 years, with much experience providing solutions for Fortune 500 companies. Peter has quickly moved up the ranks since joining Matthews in the spring of 2009. After six months with Matthews, Peter was made Studio Lead operator, where he was responsible for brand consistency, quality and delivery of artwork. Now, as Studio Manager, Peter leads an exceptionally talented group in packaging prepress, as well production art.

David Morrison

Production Lead

David has been in the printing industry for 38 years. From folder operator to 4/C pressman, to film assembly and electronic prepress, he has embraced changes within the industry. David brings a vast amount of knowledge and experience to the Matthews team, both in the commercial and packaging side of the business.

Rebecca Pyne

Quality Assurance Lead

Rebecca has been providing content quality assurance for seven years in the digital marketing and packaging industries. Working with an array of clients from local businesses to global retail leaders, Rebecca ensures timely, impeccable deliverables with focus on brand consistency, flawless content and precise design. Rebecca joined Matthews in 2010 and holds a B.A. in English Communications and B.A. in Fine & Performing Arts.

Irina Katser

Color Management Lead

Irina has 15 years of experience in consumer product packaging. As Color Management Lead, she uses her technical expertise and artistic skills to ensure that every project is exceptional quality, whether printed litho, flexo or gravure. Irina graduated with a Master’s degree in Nuclear Physics from the Kazan State University in Russia.

Jacob Nowacki

Global Workflow Manager

Jacob has been working in the printing industry for over six years. As Global Workflow Manager, he is responsible for managing and distributing the team’s workload across approved global production centers. He continues to be involved with production art and prepress across all accounts. Jacob earned a B.F.A. in Graphic Communications from the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh.

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Rick Waite

Operations Director

An incessant desire to challenge, extend, explore and evolve marks Rick out, not only as an inspirational leader of creative talent, but also as a driving force for change within the broader UK business. Having spent his early days within the domestic retail sector Rick has latterly specialized in global brands, becoming particularly at home within the European markets and frequenting an enviable list of restaurants in Paris, Prague, Milan, Amsterdam.

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Michael Thies

Global Key Account Director

Michael brings a diverse background in packaging production and printing as well in the key account management for global brand owners. With his team he manages international projects for rebranding. In all his work Michael brings the packaging supplier and the brand owner together to work on new solutions, ensuring a smooth and cost effective workflow from the idea to printing.

Michael Ziesch

Head of Color Separation

Michael brings a diverse background in pre-press production. He ensures the structure and defines the colors for the color separation. He supports the international marketing teams to find the best pre-press structure for each packaging category and provides this rules to the artwork production.

Rene Tischler

Artwork Key Account Manager

Rene brings a background in design development and art creation to the Henkel European network. He supports the ‘Henkel international brand management, adhesive’ department in Düsseldorf with technical advice, project and brand management. With his onsite team he develops master artwork in the most effective and direct way.

His motto: “Design is only as good as it is convertible and printable” helps him to achieve a slimmer full service workflow in everyday business.

Mario Calzari

Artwork Manager – Italy / Greece

As one of the local artwork managers, Mario provides a strong background of the local design market and long-time experience with brand owners. He is in contact with the local marketing teams to ensure that all inputs for the centralized artwork production will be available on time. For multi-lingual packaging, he works together with his colleagues located in those countries.

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Stephan Lammers

Global Director Packaging

Stephan Lammers has extensive experience in mentoring key projects. He has gained experience working not only at Saueressig GmbH + Co. KG but also at important printers Utilizing all his experience and expertise, he assists brand owners all the way through the process including strategy, task management and implementation. You and he together will develop the perfect solution.

Ingo Beutler

Manager Business Processes

Ingo Beutler manages the entire technical side of the cooperation between Saueressig GmbH + Co. KG and the brand owner, focusing on coordinating and optimizing workflows. He has extensive market expertise and detailed knowledge of the ins and outs of the packaging industry.

Dietmar von der Assen

Colour Management

As a trained process photographer and scanner operator, Dietmar has always had a special talent in the world of colours, making him the perfect person to work in Colour Management. As a master craftsman, he can tell the customer today what the printed product will look like tomorrow. No matter where the printing process takes place, customers can be certain of always receiving the same high-quality products – and that worldwide.

Mike Vahlenkamp

Workflow Manager

As a trained media specialist with a very strong IT-background, Mike is a master in the art of pre-press workflows. He ensures that workflows are always at their best and that even customized workflows are implemented successfully, guaranteeing each customer the highest degree of process reliability.

Kirsten Nowak-Sorgenicht

Head of Sales Matthews Brand Center

Kirsten brings in a diversified Sales and Marketing expertise with a variety of customers. In over 13 years of experience in the Saueressig GmbH + Co. KG Group she developed brilliant competencies in customer acquisition, a broad portfolio of technical solutions and design. She is a respected partner for a wide range of customers as she always manages to lead her team to success.

Dennis Feldhaar

Process Manager - Brand Solutions Packaging

Dennis Feldhaar is responsible for the gateway between the marketing activities of the brand owner team and the SAUERESSIG / MATTHEWS-daily design and manufacturing business. The technical experience he gained during his work in the SAUERESSIG SIG team, as well as the experience gained from his work in creative agencies, make him an all-rounder. With his communicative nature he is a great support for the Brand Owner team.

Nicole Horst

Junior Sales Manager

While Nicole studied International Management and Service Management prevalent in Germany, she also decided to spent time in Australia, Slovakia and Mexico to gain practice and knowledge abroad. Due to her international experience as well as her fundamental background with marketing and management topics Nicole is an important part of the brand owner team. She is generally in charge of acquiring new customers. Furthermore Nicole assists the European Sales Director in daily business life. With her customer based and service oriented view Nicole supports the team with her activities as a Junior Sales Manager.

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Richard Ho

Managing Director

With over 30 years of related experiences, Richard possesses extensive insights to the graphics industry. Fifteen years ago, he recognized a need for a full-service packaging solution provider in Asia. He founded Tact Group Limited, now a part of Matthews Brand Solutions. Having been a photographer, a graphic designer, and an entrepreneur, Richard is able to combine his artistic instincts and business savvies to create unique propositions for brand-owners and retailers. Richard serves as the visionary and strategist to Matthews’ operation in Asia.

Vincent Wong

Business Manager

Vincent focuses on servicing global retailers such as Carrefour and Tesco. He understands the unique challenges of private label retailing. In his ten years within the company, Vincent has developed highly customized workflow that addresses the large volume and compact production cycles demanded by the retail segment. Vincent oversees operations at Matthews’ locations in Hong Kong and Shenzhen.

Groovy Ho

Prepress Manager

Groovy is the go-to problem solver when it comes to production challenges. With over a decade of production experience, he is well versed in various printing techniques, including offset lithography, flexography and gravure printing. Groovy’s breadth of knowledge enables him to identify possible print related problems during the design stage, and to offer solutions to client in order to avoid costly errors and delays.

Kyle de Bruin

Head of Operations

Kyle brings over twelve years of diverse artwork and print production experience to the MBS team. Having been involved in all stages of the prepress, print and packaging industries and working with teams right across the world, he offers comprehensive technical knowledge, multi-cultural management expertise and a well rounded view on process improvements and implementations for our retail and brand clients.

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Giving your brand consistency, all over
the world

With extensive Merchandising Services, Marking Systems and Packaging Solutions—working in tandem with our world-class creatives and dedicated support network—our streamlined, optimized workflow ensures a consistent standard of excellence and quality for brands and printers on a global level.

Through out the US, Europe and Asia—from inception to reality—we’re there every step of the way.

Matthews Packaging Capabilities

Packaging provokes curiosity, creates desire and translates into the concrete impulse to buy. The prerequisite: Know-how, ability and the technologies required to perfectly implement every imaginable packaging design in the printing process.

On every possible material, with every printing procedure, in every imaginable special colour, anywhere in the world and at any time, Matthews Brand Solutions is there to help ensure your brand identity with absolute precision. Through our unique expertise we reduce touchpoints and costs—and increase efficiency and security—for perfect results every time.


We house design and pre-press know-how under one roof to accelerate process, minimize complexity, and reduce costs.
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We ensure your brand is always your brand: In every design, on every substrate, anywhere in the world.
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Our simulations are extremely close to the final product to help accelerate the coordination and release process.
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Brand Protection

Our security and 3D-microprint technologies offer real added value for your packaging.
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Tobacco & Corrugated

From idea to job completion, our integrated service solutions span the entire printing process for these niche industries.
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From idea to job completion, our integrated service solutions span the entire printing process for these niche industries.
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For Printing Companies

From pre-press to finished product, we offer Training and Tooling
services to help further ensure your brand consistency and
success, worldwide.

Always One Step Ahead

Through our international network of respected printing companies, matthewsTM offers print form technology for every printing process to support your specific needs and goals.

A Close-Knit Network

Out close-knit network of distribution locations makes it possible to quickly supply print forms on short notice.


Our clients benefit from the quick response time and collaborative processes of our on-site services for even greater customer satisfaction.

The Matthews Advantages:
  • Continuous knowledge transfer through joint workshops
  • Customer Service, support and technical consulting
  • Back-up-solutions for reproduction and plate production process
  • Ability to manufacture any print form technology (e.g. Flint Next, Kodak NX, HD etc.)
  • High-quality digital printing for sample making and small production runs

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Big things
start here.

As a worldwide, integrated service for brands and printers, Matthews Brand Solutions specializes in merchandising solutions, packaging services and marking products. Working with us allows you to produce high-quality, total brand messaging, anywhere in the world. For additional packaging solutions, please visit SCHAWK.

Imagination Meets Innovation

Our greatest asset is being able to give our clients peace of mind by delivering concise and creative Merchandising, Packaging and Marking solutions that take their brands to a whole new level.

First impressions, perfected.

As a top 5 global packaging specialist, Matthews Packaging offers a full-concept, dynamic range of services, including brand management, packaging and creative design, artwork and pre-press, printing tools for all print technologies, and varnishing and embossing tools.

From concept to design, messaging and more, we create elevated experiences that connect brands with people all over the world.

Brand in real life.

Exceptional brand experiences. From idea to installation. Designing, manufacturing and installing instore and merchandising systems, the IDL brand family provides creative, elevated solutions with complete project management services for brands and retailers.

Satori Engine Satori Engine Satori Engine

Satori Engine is a retail communications agency where innovative strategies deliver insights, research, design and messaging for brands and retailers across the globe.

Crack Experience Crack Experience Crack Experience

Crack is an environmental creative and execution team specializing in installations, store design, visual merchandising and experiential event marketing for both retailers and product launches.

IDL Worldwide IDL Worldwide IDL Worldwide

IDL is a global retail design and project management group that delivers strategy, creative, execution and reporting of instore marketing programs from temporary graphics to store fixtures and everything in between.

Identify. Track. Control. Pick.

Matthews Marking and Fulfillment Systems designs, manufactures and distributes a wide range of marking, coding and industrial automation technologies and solutions. Manufacturers, suppliers and distributors worldwide rely on our integrated systems to identify, track, control and pick products at the highest levels of accuracy and throughput.

Your advantage: Matthews’ expertise.

Whether your handling challenge is in manufacturing, packaging or distribution, Matthews’ combined expertise delivers the integrated solution that meets your needs today, and grows with you tomorrow. Our automated and semi-automated marking, coding, control, sortation, picking and verification technologies and software streamline your order fulfillment processes to maximize your productivity.

Marking and coding innovations for 160 years.

Matthews Marking Systems is a global provider of printing systems and consumables for corporate branding, product identification, operational marking and regulatory compliance. Explore Matthews Marking Systems to learn about cutting-edge technologies, including Viacode Brand-on-Demand high-resolution inkjet printers that print directly on cartons without adhesive labels.

Accurate, integrated fulfillment automation.

Pyramid Controls, Lightning Pick, IPTI and Holjeron deliver advanced solutions for warehouse control systems and software, conveyor and sortation control, motor driven rollers, pick-to-light and other paperless picking solutions. Visit Matthews Fulfillment Systems to see the integrated technologies that enhance material handling productivity, accuracy and cost efficiency throughout your supply chain.

Discover your solution.

Giving your brand the
power to go global.

Your access point for the total Matthews solution. Contact your Matthews Brand Center today to craft your integrated brand solution. For additional packaging solutions locations, click here.

Matthews Brand Center

Matthews Brand Solutions

Giving your brand the
power to go global.

Your access point for the total Matthews solution. Contact your Matthews Brand Center today to craft your integrated brand solution. For additional packaging solutions locations, click here.

Matthews Brand Center

Matthews Brand Solutions

Giving your brand the
power to go global.

Your access point for the total Matthews solution. Contact your Matthews Brand Center today to craft your integrated brand solution. For additional packaging solutions locations, click here.

Matthews Brand Center

Matthews Brand Solutions